Publisher’s Note – Dr. Vishnu Doerga

Publisher’s Note – Dr. Vishnu Doerga

It gives me immense pleasure to welcome you to the fourth edition of the Who’s Who in Guyana Business directory. Guyana’s promising future guides a strong investment climate in which the Who’s Who (WW) optimised website and dynamic directory serve as outstanding niche-based tools and functions as a catalogue for organised company profiles, contact information and an economic outlook of Guyana’s key industries. This striking publication is one which drives organisations to grow, connect, and strategically align with a vision for national and global business success.

The improving socioeconomic landscape and Guyana’s path to sustainable recovery since the coronavirus pandemic was challenged by the international supply chain issues caused supply shortages and international conflict. Despite this, Guyana’s financial health has remained steadfast with record breaking GDP growth driven mainly by oil exports. The construction sector is significantly driven by this growth. The agriculture and services sectors are also benefitting from significant growth due to government initiatives and higher private sector demands.

The gravitation of countries to inject financial resources into one of the world’s fastest-growing economies is a major element of Guyana’s economic momentum, raising the standard of opportunities for organisations to improve yields and demands. Measures to support commercial utility, the reformation of legislation and policies to improve efficiency of the public and private sectors, and the nation’s increasing digitalised structure are fundamentals to the growth conditions of Guyana’s economy.

The panoramic view captured in the 2023 edition of the Who’s Who spotlights 14 key industry classifications. With a concentration on business executives and professional organisations, each feature portrays an angle highlighting the catalysts for growth of the economic sectors, and those investors who are outright ready to meet surging demands.

With gratitude, I commend our distribution team for circulating yet another 10,000+ hard copies that have been placed in the foyers of business enterprises, at our leading hotels, the many tradeshows attended over the past year, and have met the eyes of individuals with the zest for developing professional connections. I must, in this regard, further thank the Centre for Local Business Development, the Guyana Office for Investment, and the Guyana Tourism Authority for their continued distribution support. Our website has accumulated incredible insights with a larger digital footprint than that of 2021, with over one million views and over 20,000 clicks to the featured companies. Searches for companies in order of magnitude came from Guyana, the United States of America, Trinidad and Tobago, Canada, India, the United Kingdom, Suriname, Barbados, Brazil and Jamaica.

Amidst this ongoing transformation of our Country, our cover this year displays our undying patriotism and contains a blend of the ongoing economic development with Guyana’s natural beauty and fertility. It serves as reminder that although our current growth is driven by the extractive sector, our future requires strong agriculture, manufacturing and tourism sectors.

We encourage all Guyanese to appreciate the majestic beauty our country is blessed with as we modernize our infrastructure and way of life. Let us always remember to “dedicate our energies towards the happiness and prosperity of Guyana.”

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