Hon. Minister Rishma Kuldipsingh

Hon. Minister Rishma Kuldipsingh

Event: Launch Who’s who Business Directory

Good evening
• Colleague Minister Ramdien, Minister of Foreign Affairs, International Business and International Cooperation
• The Canadian Ambassador to Suriname and Guyana
• Miss Sonai, president as well as the team of Creative Tech Caribbean
• Action Invest Caribbean
• Business Organizations
• Entrepreneurs
• The media and others present
I am very pleased to stand here today as Minister of Economic Affairs, Entrepreneurship and Technological Innovation. Proud, to be part of the launch of the first edition of the Who’s who in Suriname Business Directory initiated by Creative tech hub Caribbean.
As Ministry we are responsible for facilitating and encouraging a healthy and growing business environment. This includes creating policies, offering training and studies, creating access to funds and working on bettering the ease of doing business of Suriname by facilitating local and international business, trade as well as investors.
This Business guide is another open door for the international business arena to gain awareness about our country and the many business possibilities we have to offer when it comes to international trade and investment.
For us increasing the production and export capacity of our country is a main priority. Not only tapping into profitable international markets, but also increasing our own capabilities to meet international demand and standards.
Furthermore, we are working on improving the business environment and strengthening competitiveness, as well as developing innovation.

The attention is drawn to:
Improving business climate leading to a strong competitive position, innovative products and processes and innovation driven by intellectual property protection.
We facilitate and put in more focus on local production, creating new opportunities and protective laws for “Made In Suriname” products to be able to participate in international trade that will have to be developed further in order to be able to realize a number of explicit targets set by the Ministry of Economic Affairs to stimulate local production and export.

This concerns targets as laid down by law, whereby attention must be paid to, among other things, industrial policy and the promotion of the industrial sector, ensure the continuous cycle of supply and demand and support the popular supply chain. Also, a legislation that emphasizes export orientation and also the promotion of domestic and foreign trade, which includes the import and export policy.
Having said this, every initiative to broaden our spectrum to achieve international visibility is warmly welcomed.
I applaud Creative Tech Hub Caribbean for this bright idea, the efforts and hard work that was put into this project and the determination to push it forward.
With this initiative you are not only contributing to the international business visibility of our country, but also pioneering for other future private sector initiatives.
You can count on our support, and I wish you a lot of success with this business directory.

Thank you.

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